Increased pet cargo costs, making it harder to travel?

Say no to Pet Cargo
Say no to Pet Cargo

Increased pet cargo costs, making it harder to travel?

By Nicole Giorgi, Pawsitive Pet Health Certificates

Travelling internationally is an exciting time for many, but being unable to bring your pets with you, whether for an adventure or because of a relocation, is something that most pet parents will consider non-negotiable.  Their best fur friends must travel with them, especially when relocating long-term.

From March 1st, IAG Cargo, which works with multiple commercial airlines arranging pet travel in cargo to and from the UK and the United States, is increasing its pricing by up to 400%. This dramatic rise may now see pet parents paying up to $15,000 for their pet to fly internationally, not including the pet owner’s airline fees.

This news has left many pet parents devastated, both emotionally and financially. Travelling with your pets has always been an added cost, but with a 400% increase in pricing, some pet owners are questioning whether they can afford to bring their pets with them or if they will have no choice but to leave them behind in someone else’s care or even rehome their beloved family members if the reason for travel is relocation.

Fortunately, there is another choice for pet owners. K9 JETS is the World’s first pet-dedicated, pay-per-seat private jet charter that specialises in safe and comfortable travel for pets and their owners.

K9 JETS allows pet owners and their pets to travel next to one another in the cabin to 10 different countries and domestically within the US, with plans to continue adding even more international routes. K9 JETS understands how difficult and stressful it is to travel with your pets and prepare your pet’s documentation for entry into the country of destination. To help ensure that their client’s pets will have smooth veterinary preparation and USDA endorsement process, they have partnered with Pawsitive Pet Health Certificates (PPHC).

Pawsitive Pet Health Certificates is an owner-operated company founded by Nicole Giorgi and Mary McClay, who have a combined total of 25 years of veterinary experience. They make the health certificate preparation process for pets an easy experience for both pet parents and veterinary professionals nationwide. The combination of K9 JETS and PPHC working together gives every pet parent a white glove service, allowing pet parents to look forward to other aspects of their travel instead of juggling the stress of arranging flight logistics and the veterinary paperwork requirements that come with every international trip with your pet.

With IAG Cargo’s projected steep price increase, K9 JETS will be a more affordable option for pet owners and their pets to travel internationally, and more importantly, you and your four-legged companion will travel, side by side, in the comfort of a private jet, rather than your pet being restricted in a create, in the hold of a commercial aircraft.

The average cost for a pet and its owner to travel on K9 JETS from New Jersey to the UK ranges between $8,925.00 and $10,850.00. This price includes the cost for one dog over 51 lbs or two dogs (or cats!) under 50 lbs and for the pet and owner to fly together. Plus, the cost of the UK customs check-in fees is included with your flight. 

You can’t put a price on the comfort and convenience of the K9 JETS experience and the time and stress you will save in planning your pet’s international travel. The arrival time before departure is 1 hour, not 5-6 hours when your pet flies in cargo.  Once you arrive in the UK, the Pet Team will be waiting for you.  It takes a matter of minutes for them to do your pet’s final paperwork crosscheck, and then you are off on your way to your destination!

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