How it works

Shared Private Jet flights with Pets

K9 JETS allows your pets to be by your side in the cabin of a luxury private jet rather than being restricted to the hold of a commercial aircraft. The service provides a relaxed, stress-free environment for you and your four-legged companions.

No crates are required for dogs, regardless of size; however, our feline friends must always be in their carriers.

Book a seat for yourself and your
four-legged friend at a fixed cost.

How it works

Private Terminals

All our flights depart from luxurious private terminals, and you are required to arrive just 60 minutes before the time of departure. There are no queues for security or customs, just super friendly staff catering to your every need.


Pay by wire or with a debit/credit card and your funds will be kept secure in our escrow account in line with the regulations of the US Department of Transport.

Crowd Sourced Flights

K9 JETS offers shared private jet flights with pets.

All K9 JETS routes are made up of an outward-bound flight and a return flight. 

Your flight will be confirmed once the 75% passenger and pet threshold is reached for the full route.  We will keep you updated on the status of your flight(s) on a regular basis. 

If your flight (and the linked flight) do not reach the minimum threshold, we may cancel the flight(s). This would be (at the very latest) 28 days in advance of your flight and we would then offer you a 100% refund or re-accommodate you on a future flight. However, we do not anticipate the cancellation of flights as we have received an outstanding amount of interest in K9 JETS. 

K9 JETS is a public charter operator. It is not a direct air carrier and does not own or operate any aircraft. All flights will be operated by licensed pet friendly U.S. air carriers. 

We are offsetting the carbon emissions on all our flights, plus supporting volunteer projects for stray dogs and cats. 

Choose a listed route and date
Enter passenger details, and pet details
(including their temperament)
Choose to wire funds or pay by credit card to book
Upload the passport of the passenger who will be travelling, to our secure site
Your payment is then held whilst we carry out KYC checks and cross reference pet details
Once approved, your card will be charged
When your flight, and the flight that is linked, reaches 75% threshold your flight will be confirmed
We will then arrange a video call with the passengers on the flight to talk through the Flight Brief and pet documentation required
Upload pet documentation prior to flight
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What to expect once you have booked…

On Booking

Once your booking has been processed and your flight has been confirmed, we will arrange a group video call with the passengers who will joining you on the journey. This is not by any means a fully automated service – we are very much hands-on.

Flight Brief

A detailed Flight Brief will be emailed to you in advance and we will talk you through this.  It will detail all the information required for your flight, including the seating plan, which is bespoke for your trip. Plus, this is an opportunity to answer any questions you may have.

Pet Documentation

A few days before the flight we will be requesting your pet’s documentation, which in most cases will have been precleared by the relevant authorities at your destination. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have and can connect you to the authorities who will provide assistance and guide you through. We will notify you once your pet has been cleared to travel.

On the day of your flight


On the day of your flight, you will be departing from a deluxe private terminal where there are absolutely no queues, providing a stress-free environment for you and your pets.

We ask you to arrive 60 minutes before the time of departure.

Upon arrival you will be met by a welcoming team who will request your flight details and may ask to see your passport.

Flight Lounge

The staff will take your luggage to be screened, while you relax and, more importantly, meet the other passengers and their pets who will be flying with you. There are available grassy areas adjacent to all the private terminals which your dog can utilise before the flight.


Approximately 15 minutes before departure, the Captain or First Officer for your flight will introduce themselves to you, and escort you to the aircraft, which is normally a short walk away. Your bags will already be loaded, and, if you are travelling alone you will receive support with any hand luggage.

When you arrive at the aircraft steps your dogs can make their own way up, or can be carried, however, they must always be on their leash. Support and encouragement will be provided if needed – the crew are all pet friendly!

Passengers seated at the back of the aircraft board first, to avoid any unnecessary crossover.

Unpack your dog blankets, get yourself comfortable and enjoy a glass of champagne once you are settled. The Flight Attendant will look after your every need during the flight.



When you arrive at your destination your aircraft will be met by the private Ground Handling Team, and, in London, the Pet Team, who will board your aircraft to scan the microchips of your pets and cross reference the paperwork that has been precleared. In other destinations, you will exit the aircraft and then clear customs. Your pet paperwork will be checked at this point.

Your luggage will be off loaded and will join you in customs, and within minutes you will be on your way.

Our teams can be of assistance to arrange onward travel to your final destination, whether a pet-friendly private jet charter, pet taxi, or car hire.