The Story Behind

In early 2022 our sister company, G6 AVIATION, received an unusual quote request for a flight from London to New Jersey for 10 passengers and ten dogs! TEN DOGS!

We were quickly introduced to a grassroots Facebook group, its mission was to link up people interested in sharing charter planes, so their pets didn’t have to fly as cargo/ excess baggage. Katy originally started the group so she could fly with her four dogs and two cats by her side, and she has continued to manage it after her successful flight in August 2021. Members, now around 30,000, seek to share the cost of a jet charter with all administration currently being covered by volunteers within the group.

Quickly recovering from our surprise of over ten dogs, in the last 12 months, G6 AVIATION has flown over 100 pets and their owners across the Atlantic, all enjoying the comfort of a private jet cabin.

In view of this demand, K9 JETS™ was created in July 2022 to make it even easier for you and your pets to travel.


Who is behind

K9 JETS was founded by a Birmingham-based couple, executive assistant Kirsty Golder and private pilot Adam Golder.

The expertise gained within their boutique private jet brokerage G6 AVIATION (catering for high-net-worth families, music moguls, footballers, and royals), has been the springboard, enabling a new service dedicated to pet owners to be tailored within the charter market, delivering the same high level of customer service already committed to the G6 client base.

Why K9 JETS?

If you are relocating or travelling for leisure with your pet you can book a seat on one of the charters. We are operating under an approval provided by the US Department of Transportation. Your funds are protected in escrow.

Carbon Offsetting​

At K9 JETS it is our mission to offset the cost of carbon that is produced on every flight, and this is automatically included in your seat price. We are working with our friends at EarthHub who are trusted experts in carbon compliance and carbon reduction. All of our carbon offsets are backed by either Verra (VCS) or the Gold Standard, meaning you can be rest assured that your flight is offset by globally recognised offsetting schemes

Volunteer Support

K9 JETS is a proud supporter of Animal SOS Sri Lanka, a UK-registered charity that is dedicated to improving the lives of stray animals in Sri Lanka.

Animal SOS Sri Lanka’s mission is to alleviate the suffering of stray animals by providing them with a free-roaming sanctuary where they can receive life-saving veterinary care, rehabilitation, and refuge.


UK Registered Charity Number 1119902